What is the quantity and how long can it last?
It contains 33g. Because the texture is very smooth and you only need to use a small amount everytime, many of our customers can use for 2 - 3 months.
Is there only one colour available?
Our product can be used with any skin colour. We have received many positive feedback such as “it has reduced my skin’s dullness and brightened up my skin tone”.
Is your foundation compatible with products from other brands?
We have not done compatibility testing with other manufacturers. After application of the base, the finish will be a brighter tone so we recommend you to choose a foundation from other products that is one shade darker.
Does it contain UV protection?
Yes, the product has SPF25 / PA ++ that will protect your skin from the daily ultraviolet rays.
What is the scent of this product?
It smells of citrus.
Can I use make-up base without using foundation?
You may use only make-up base however, we also recommend using our foundation together as it provides SPF 50 ++++ which can help to protect from the UV.
If you prefer lighter makeup, you can apply foundations with facial brushes for a natural look.


How to find the suitable foundation color for me?
TIf you are often said to be fair-skinned we have the perfect solution for you, BRIGHT BEIGE20. If you prefer a healthy skin tone with a look of a light tan we recommend MODERN BEIGE60. For most other people our SILKY BEIGE40 is the perfect fit for you. The key to applying any color is to first remove the dull makeup base.
What finish does this product have?
This product has a light finish and instantly enhances translucence. It naturally covers wrinkles and pores while improving brightness and lustre.
Does it feel dry?
It contains four kinds of beauty oils, and the finish is smooth, you will never feel dry out.
Does it block UV rays?
It protects against UV rays (SPF 40/PA+++).
I usually wear a liquid foundation…
This product is quicker to apply than a liquid. It’s also lighter so it feels like you aren’t wearing any makeup at all.
Does it stand up to oil and sweat?
This product absorbs sweat and oil to prevent stickiness and banish shine, so it will stay in place even in the summer.
Does your foundation oxidize after applying on my face?
Our products contain anti-oxidized indigents (pure white mica) which can prevent further darkness.
Do you have the refill for foundation?
Sorry, we do not offer refill at this moment.
How to use the highlight and blush?
Please check the tutoring video on here.


how to remove the water-proof mascara?
Pour enough amount of eye makeup remover on the cotton. Slide the cotton from the root to the tip of your eyelashes and remove all the mascara.

How to purchase & Delivery Service

Do you see your products at any retail stores in Singapore?
We do not sell our products at any retail stores in Singapore. Our products are only available online.
However, we have a pop-up store at Takashimaya Orchard irregularly. We will announce the event detail on our facebook page so please follow us
Do you have free samples?
Sorry we don’t offer sample.
We only offer free samples during the event at Takashimaya so you can try our products there!
All the information will be announced by our official facebook account so please follow us!
Can I cancel the subscription order or postpone my next delivery date?
Yes, you can! We will notify you by e-mail and SMS 5 business days in advance so please call us: 6282-7647 for cancellation request or any delivery changes.
Can you deliver the products during the week days?
Yes, we do deliver our products during the week days except public holidays.
Is evening delivery available?
We only have AM (9-12pm) or PM (13-17pm) time slot.
Do you deliver to office address?
Yes, we can also deliver to your office address and notify you by SMS when our driver reaches there.
Can I pay by cash on delivery?
Yes! You can choose either credit card payment or cash on delivery.