I don’t do any touch-ups for makeup. This has been my favorite base makeup since my hairstylist introduced me to it. I like the powder especially :) However, it is quite big to carry around especially when I'm travelling so I hope they produce a travel-size version...
I have been using this for 3 years now. I use this every single day. I was very much impressed by the results the first time. My skin has a lot of redness but it leaves a translucent finish on my face without any unevenness in the colour. It does not come off easily! I feel like I've found the best base make up.
I have sensitive skin but it does not cause any irritation to my skin as such I need not worry about it. I use this every day and it helps my make-up to stay on all day long! My friends often ask me what is the secret of my skin♪
I have been using this base for a few years only. The base does not fall off easily and can even last till evening. It also blends easily when I apply it. When I don't wear foundation, I only use this base and it's enough to make my skin beautiful. All I need after this is to apply lipstick!
I have sensitive skin but my skin wasn't sticky during summer and my makeup didn't fall off at all. On top of that, it is also easy to remove with a regular cleanser. I apply an additional layer to my aging spots but it blends in very naturally.


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