A big-hit product from the top make-up artist in Japan.
Contains moisturising ingredients like hyaluronic acid and collagen that protects the skin’s moisture levels during the day. It also firmly protects your skin from ultraviolet rays with SPF25/PA++.

This three-layer foundation compact delivers all five of the essential elements for beautiful skin: lustre, resilience, smoothness, brightness, and moisture.

I don’t do any touch-ups for makeup. This has been my favorite base makeup since my hairstylist introduced me to it. I like the powder especially :) However, it is quite big to carry around especially when I'm travelling so I hope they produce a travel-size version...
I have been using this for 3 years now. I use this every single day. I was very much impressed by the results the first time. My skin has a lot of redness but it leaves a translucent finish on my face without any unevenness in the colour. It does not come off easily! I feel like I've found the best base make up.
I have sensitive skin but it does not cause any irritation to my skin as such I need not worry about it. I use this every day and it helps my make-up to stay on all day long! My friends often ask me what is the secret of my skin♪
I have been using this base for a few years only. The base does not fall off easily and can even last till evening. It also blends easily when I apply it. When I don't wear foundation, I only use this base and it's enough to make my skin beautiful. All I need after this is to apply lipstick!
I have sensitive skin but my skin wasn't sticky during summer and my makeup didn't fall off at all. On top of that, it is also easy to remove with a regular cleanser. I apply an additional layer to my aging spots but it blends in very naturally.
This round compact with three layers is much more portable. I play tennis outside a lot, so I appreciate SPF 50 and PA++++ protection. My skin appears brighter with lasting translucence, and I love how great it looks!
This foundation comes in a round compact with no corners so it’s easy to use the entire product. I wear a face mask while working, and this product doesn’t frequently rub off on it like my past foundations. The natural finish of my morning application lasts a long time. I’m going to order a refill right away!
This product gives a very smooth, light finish. I love how the powder feels. The compact is convenient, portable and easy to use with the included blush and highlighter.
This foundation is a powder yet it has great coverage with lasting brightness and moisture. I was surprised that it stayed in place even after a sweaty gym workout. I won’t have to worry about my makeup sliding off this summer!