First and foremost, it is necessary to moisturise your skin with lotion and cream.After applying moisturiser to your face, squeeze out a pearl-sized amount of Face Responser onto the back of your hand.You only need this small amount as the base can be spread out easily. Please refrain from squeezing out a larger amount.
*You can open the lid by twisting it anti-clockwise.

Apply the base on your cheeks, around the lips, chin and forehead.
Tip: Use your middle and fourth finger to spread the base out smoothly by lightly tapping the liquid from the inner part to the outer part of your face.

Lightly tap an additional layer to dark circles, red spots on noses and open pores. This base makeup is made to stay for a long time once it has been applied. With this step, your eye makeup will be kept fresh.

After this step, the question that is asked the most is “Are you sure that my face should be this white? There is an obvious difference between my face and neck!” Do not worry this is a sign that the dullness has been completely removed.

Use the white side of the sponge for an elegant look.

For a refined, elegant look, dab the white side into the foundation. Apply it to your face starting with the larger cheek and forehead areas. Glide the sponge over your skin, starting from the center and working outwards.
For small areas like around your eyes, hold one side of the sponge and gently pat on foundation.
Make sure to fully cover the sides of your nose.
Use both sides of the sponge for a casual look.

For a lustrous, casual look, apply foundation as described in 1. using the white side.

Next, use the beige side with the raised nap to gently buff your skin.
Use the beige side of the sponge for a natural and transparent look

For the natural and transparent look of bare skin, apply foundation by smoothing it on with the beige side with the raised nap.

Dab the brush into the highlighter and apply it to any areas that tend to look dark or dull, such as the under-eye area, upper eyelid, inner corner of the eye, etc.

Apply lightly to the laugh lines at the sides of your nose. Apply to your T-zone for a more three-dimensional look.

Take blush on the sponge applicator and apply it to the apples of your cheeks, blending in a circular motion. Next, blend it along your cheekbone.
[Caring for the dual-sided sponge]

Q.What is the quantity and how long can it last?
A.It contains 33g. Because the texture is very smooth and you only need to use a small amount everytime, many of our customers can use for 2 - 3 months.
Q.Is there only one colour available?
A.Our product can be used with any skin colour. We have received many positive feedback such as “it has reduced my skin’s dullness and brightened up my skin tone”.
Q.Is your foundation compatible with products from other brands?
A.We have not done compatibility testing with other manufacturers. After application of the base, the finish will be a brighter tone so we recommend you to choose a foundation from other products that is one shade darker.
Q.Does it contain UV protection?
A.Yes, the product has SPF25 / PA ++ that will protect your skin from the daily ultraviolet rays.
Q.What is the scent of this product?
A.It smells of citrus.

Q.What finish does this product have?
This product has a light finish and instantly enhances translucence. It naturally covers wrinkles and pores while improving brightness and lustre.
Q.Does it feel dry?
A.It contains four kinds of beauty oils, and the finish is smooth, you will never feel dry out.
Q.Does it block UV rays?
A.It protects against UV rays (SPF 40/PA+++).
Q.I usually wear a liquid foundation…
A.This product is quicker to apply than a liquid. It’s also lighter so it feels like you aren’t wearing any makeup at all.
Q.Does it stand up to oil and sweat?
A.This product absorbs sweat and oil to prevent stickiness and banish shine, so it will stay in place even in the summer.